My name is Matthew, im 24 years old and based in Torquay, Devon. I decided to start a blog to showcase some of the various restaurants/places to eat in and around devon, this is also extending country wide as I set my food sights further afield.

My story is quite a rough and complex one when it comes to food, in 2008 I was officially diagnosed with Anorexia, since then I have tried to make everything about food exciting and a passion. This can be hard at times and it is something I still suffer with, but am working on every aspect of it to try and resolve things. This blog should be a good outlet for this passion.

If you would like to be featured on this blog, or are interested in having a shout out etc for a charity event etc please do get in touch.  Matthewc@me.com

The main aim is to provide restaurant reviews and to do this ill try and be as detailed as possible with all my reviews and show case everything about my visits.

Contact Information

Email : Matthewc@me.com

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