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Angels Tea Room – Torquay

This is a post which I wrote actually back in summer but never actually got around to writing it up and checking it over so thought I would finally get around to it.

This was a lovely July afternoon which was surprisingly warm for our ever getting colder summers….  I decided to treat my Granddad to lunch.

Angels is located on Babbacombe Down’s in Torquay, and is set between a 2 local pubs and various other tea rooms etc.  The main difference between this establishment and the others is this one is constantly full, and I mean full.  if you do not have a table booked you will be very lucky to just walk in and grab one, this place wether is be winter or summer is normally fully booked.  i have been eating here for just over a year and try and get here every few weeks/months for a spot of the old fashioned “Afternoon Tea”.

The exterior of the building is clean with the doors and windows frames painted in a fresh bright blue and looks inviting.  There is a small garden in front of the main building which houses several tables for the outside eaters (Brave people).

Upon entering and the ringing of the wind chimes which start chiming as you open the door you find a small room around the size of a large lounge with about 10 tables.  This is all decorated lovely with small “nik naks” and the interior theme is definitively “Angels” with more naked babies, and harps than you need to see in a life time, this all helps add to the theme however.  The counter at the back of the room has various coffee machines and a fresh orange juicer, also there are several cake stands full of fresh home made cakes.  Now these cakes are home made and HUGE!, i’m talking 3 tier Victoria Sponges with huge slices, unfortunately i did not manage to get photos of these but will be sure to get some next time.

Angels pride them selves on fresh locally source produce with all the jams being made locally, and these are also all sold in store.

Upon entering we were greeted by a young girl who ask for our reservation and then directed us to our table, the waitresses are dressed smartly and are not in uniforms which adds to the relaxed feeling.  The table is full of tea cups and various china, all mis-matched purposely, again for that feel.  You are then offered menus which are full of traditional fair, with cream teas, home made scones, and various meals and a large selection of sandwiches.  Also a small desserts was placed on the table full of todays specials, 1 side dedicated to main meals and the other to desserts.  The blackboard had more meals than the main menu, which is good and shows they change the menu often.

After 2 minutes the young girl returned to take our order, she was extremely polite and used a small computer to take our order.  The good thing about the ordering process is you can customise you order to your exact specification, my Granddad requested his “Cod and Chips” to be poached with mushrooms and onions, and this was gladly accepted and not even questioned.  This I find is always a good sign and shows the willingness of the establishment to cater to its customer.  Myself not feeling that hungry decided to go for what I though would be a “Light Lunch” ordering a Coronation Chicken Sandwich on Doorstep bread.

The waitress then took our menus and delivered our tea 2 minutes later, which is served in a small tea pot with fresh leaves and a small strainer to poor your tea through into the cup.

Our food arrived within around 20minutes and considering the tea room was packed this was a surprise as I was expecting a longer wait.  Upon my sandwich being delivered in front of me, my idea of a “light lunch” immediately disappeared…… as the huge monster sandwich lay before me.  Upon taking my first bite i was immediately surprised how packed full of flavour the coronation chicken was, which was packed full of whole fresh apple, Peaches and flacked almonds.  The side salad was a welcome light side, which had a small amount of Balsamic vinegar drizzled over.



My lunch partner also was surprIsed by the sIze of fish which consisted of 2 large fillets of cod and cooked and served exactly as requested wIth mushrooms and onIons.

I really enjoyed by lunch and consIderIng my huge sandwIch only cost £6.45, I consider thIs very good value for money.

Overal Score – 8/10