Blog Re-Launch

Guys & Girls,

Well, after a well over due post, and being absent for quite some time I am pleased to say the blog will be reactivating and blog posts will be rolling out again. Activity will be picking up slowly but more posts and soon to come.

I have been dealing with some personal things in the past year, so now that I’m over what seems the worst of that I am concentrating again on the important things in life….. FOOD!

I have been visiting lots of different restaurants and establishments in the past year or so, but just have not felt like writing these up. I won’t be going back over the majority of the restaurants I have been to, due to the lack of quality photos and memory not doing the tastes/experiences justice. So I thought I would just post some of my favourites photos of the past year.

Harwood Arms – Scotch Egg

IMG 0610

The Table – Most Amazing Pancake Ever!

Buttermilk Pancake

Lumiere – White Chocolate & Banana Soufflé

IMG 0451

Look forward to visiting all these lovely new places, and sharing the experience!

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