Quick Note

Just wanted to do a quick post to apoligise for the lack of updates of late, unforutunatly the festive season has started to take more and more of my time.  This has made me put certain things aside for the time being, in favour of wrapping, eating, dining out (even more) and spending alot of time with the family.

There are many many new updates to come in the new year though, which I am writing up at the moment but just not getting around to publish and proof-read.

Want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, have fun, eat everything you can see and pig out as much as possible!

All the best


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2 responses to “Quick Note

  1. forgot to mention yesterday that we visited Milan Milan the other day and weren’t overwhelmed by it! I don’t want to risk getting in further trouble with a pizza owner so I’ll PM you the details at a later stage….

    Hope you’re working hard to get your backlog of posts out – perhaps yesterday inspired you to get going again?

  2. Yer I have heard very very mixed reports on that one, thats why I have put it off lol.

    Yep im working hard on them most of the afternoon! getting there :).

    Try Gemelli’s in torquay for a great italian, not tried the pizza but if its like the pasta very very good! and a real italian in the kitchen!

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